A plein air painting project exploring the Swan River in Perth, Western Asutralia, by Peter Barker & Ben Sherar

Finished works can be viewed in the gallery section, more information about our individual practices can be reached via the menu, along with contact details. Project works are not for sale until the final exhibition (it's going to be a long running project!), available works are on our own individual sites.

Enquiries, comments and commissions welcome!

A nice early start painting today, we got started at 9:30 down at Matilda Bay looking across to the city. A wide sweeping bay with lots of yachts to the west and a great view to the cty but right into the morning sun!


At it again today, we've returned to pelican Point in Crawley as there's a few decent little scenes to paint. Perfect weather, no wind, lots of sun and we actually felt warm for a bit!

After a break from plein-air due to the freezing weather in Perth this winter, we're finally back at it!